What People Are Saying!

On Teaching:

"I have gone to dozens of teachers all over the country and Audra is one of the best teachers I’ve ever worked with. I began to notice improvement in my singing after just a couple lessons. She gives you a customized warm up sheet to work from between lessons. Her warm personality creates a relaxed atmosphere in which you feel safe to really take risks and make the most of your vocal practice. She’s also an excellent accompanist and I love to consult with her before all my auditions."
Rachael Logue
“Audra is a fantastic piano teacher. She has a natural ability to connect with children keeping interactions positive and supportive. I'm amazed how quickly my son has learned to read music and play with skill. Audra's musical talent and upbeat personality keep him motivated and he always looks forward to his lesson."
Rachel Sullivan
Parent of Student
"For two years, Audra has been teaching voice lessons to our son and daughter, now 15 and 12 years old. They started out saying they would 'give it a try' and by the end of the first lesson with her they were both hooked. Audra is charming, encouraging and engaging, so they enjoy it, but she's quite firm with them, too, and makes them work steadily in a way that they enjoy. It is great to see them and Audra take it so seriously together and of course, is a huge pleasure to listen to them get better and better."
Jonathan and Mila
parents of two students

On Music Directing:

Audra is the most incredible music director and person. She has an uncanny 
ability to bring out the best in all of our young performers and our 
professional musicians in the Orchestra Pits. We have campers returning to 
Long Lake specifically to work with Audra again. You will not find a more 
professional, caring and talented music director.”
Geoff Burnett
Co-Director, Long Lake Camp for the Arts
“Whether she is vocal coaching or music directing, Audra inspires those around her to do their best work.  Her thorough approach is always managed with a keen sense of collaboration with each artist.  Audra’s ability to communicate with singers, instrumentalists, directors, designers, and any artistic team makes her an expert in our field.” 
Don Kot
Resident Music Director, Geva Theatre Center
“Anyone who gets to work with Audra as a music director is made better by the experience. She has a deep breath of musical knowledge and a unique ability to assess and set each student/cast up for success at any mastery level.  Audra understands the role of music in a production and does everything in her power to use it to enhance a production.”
David Glover
Director of Theatre, The Wellington School

On Performing:

Audra is my go-to gal. I've directed her in several productions and I can always count on her professionalism, work ethic, team spirit and impeccable skill set. She takes notes with grace and ease, plays well with others, is immensely prepared, versatile and is fully committed to every rehearsal and performance.” 
Melissa Rain Anderson
Director ~ Acting and Audition Coach
"Audra Cramer is everything you hope to hire in a professional-- she showed up to rehearsal every day prepared and willing to try something new. On stage she gave consistent knock-out performances across the entire run. What are you waiting for? Call and hire her right now!"
Adam Cates
“Audra Cramer is the type of performer you always want to have in your cast. A great singer, excellent musician and all around wonderful personality. She is always prepared, works incredibly hard and is the person you can turn to in a pinch to make any moment work. She has such a calm and professional presence and when it came time to send her on for her cover of a principal role, there was no doubt that she would rise to the occasion and deliver everything needed. She can sing anything and it was my absolute pleasure to work with her and I look forward to the next time that we are able to share the stage again.”
Joshua Dean
Dance Captain of The Little Mermaid at Arkansas Repertory Theatre and Artistic Director of 2 Ring Circus

On Arranging/Transcribing:

“Dear Audra, I would like to thank you and your ensemble for the amazing work that you did for my client's wedding on October 1st. Because the clients are in show business, they had very high expectations and your beautiful arrangement and singing far exceeded their hopes and dreams.  Your presentation was the highlight of the evening - as evidenced by the tears in everyone’s eyes.  In addition to the beautiful singing, you performed outside in the cold and it did not affect the performance - so thank you for your professionalism.  You and your ensemble were a joy to work with and I look forward to the next time.  I hope that you are enjoying the groom's new television show - he is also doing an amazing job! Thank you again.” 
Vanda High
President - Vanda High Events